9 Tough Questions to Reset Your Mindset

  1. What do you want from your career given your skills, experience, and education and how do you make it happen?


2. What 2 or 3 things are you really good at and what problems do you think you can solve or have solved?


  1. What would be your problem-solving process when presented with a problem? Focus on the process first, then results: excellent processes produce excellent results! Weak processes produce……


  1. Out of all your talents and skills, what do organizations you want to work for need that you can provide?


  1. How do you handle being out of your comfort zone? What actions do you take in a new situation to be successful?


  1. List some major achievements or very happy moments in your personal and work life – relive those magnificent moments – how do you feel when you think about them? Burn those joyful feelings into your heart and brain. Write about them. What you did, why, how you feel when you think about them.


  1. What gives you energy and why? Music, friends, sports, exercise, art? Keep your energy boosters close to you so you can draw from them when you need a boost!


  1. Self-awareness: To get the more out of your life, look deep into what is limiting you. If you are settled into a level of achievement you believe is what is possible for you – That is a problem. Your potential is unlimited. Don’t put cap on it.


  1. Create stories about your life and work experience so you can answer ‘Tell me about yourself?’


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