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Steve & Karen are the founders of E2B Coach. E2B Coach was born from their combined teaching experience. Both have taught at Purdue University in the Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Innovation program. Combined they have worked with 1000’s of students from Freshmen to PhD students from every major and school on campus. Steve & Karen understand how to communicate with students and what they need to become successful transitioning from Education to the Business world.

Steve spent many years as an international business consultant and general manager where he hired and managed people in the US and Europe. Karen spent her career before teaching at Procter & Gamble working in new product development where she also hired and managed STEM graduates. After leaving P&G she served as VP of Innovation and Technology at Solo Cup and Velcro Group. She is currently a board member of a technology start-up and mentors students who are on the entrepreneurial path. Steve has a B.S. Economics from Northern Illinois and completed the master’s degree courses in Economics from the University of Illinois, Chicago. Karen has a B.S. Industrial Engineering degree from Purdue University.

Between the two; they are uniquely qualified, well versed, and have a passion for helping all students including STEM and minority students. Steve & Karen also have raised three successful children and have helped them navigate their careers.

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