Start here?

Start by introducing yourself

Lesson 1: Know Yourself?

In this lesson, we will concentrate on the foundations of who you are and what you can contribute.

Lesson 2: Be Yourself?

The second module/lesson is Be Yourself. This consist of creating your 4 pitches using 'I am and I am unique statements", resume writing, and preparing your LinkedIn ABOUT statement.

Lesson 3: Share Yourself: LinkedIn Profile, Website, and Networking?

In this final Lesson, we will create your LinkedIn Profile and personal Website. Then use these tools to do 3 networking assignments.
Share Yourself Lesson: Introduction to LinkedIn Profile, Website, and Networking


This Session  is designed to help you understand how to Share yourself online in a professional manner. This module will also help you with:

  • Understand which social media to use
  • Help you position yourself as a unique person
  • Distinguish yourself to stand out among other people
  • Help you present yourself as a person vs. a list of jobs, skills, degrees or awards
  • Help you build a professional online presence
  • Understand how the soft skills are used to obtain and keep a job.

There are two very important online platforms that you need to use.  LinkedIn and your need to develop your own personal website.  This module will help you develop both tools.  I know you’re going to say that LinkedIn is social media and “I don’t do social media.”  LinkedIn is the most used platform by employers and recruiters looking for talent to fill open job positions.   LinkedIn has also become the “go-to” place for everyone in business to look you up, if you meet someone or have a meeting with a prospective employer, you will need to do research and look-up everyone you will be meeting.  Therefore, you must have a LinkedIn profile in today’s job market.

Your very own website allows you to show who you really are and the work you have done in the past.  It does not have restrictions like LinkedIn or your resume so you can really show “who you are”.  The reason websites are so important is because they provide more information for potential recruiters and employers may use to select you for an open position.  We recommend having your name as the URL and keeping this active for your entire career.  Continually update your website with new training, certifications, projects that you do throughout your career and you will never have to worry about being ready to apply for a job in the future.